Home ♥

Last weekend, our old youth ministry group reunited over brunch and coffee. Some of them have been meeting once in a while these past years but I’m one of the minority who finally showed up this year. Yay to rebuilding friendships!

I’m still not a huge fan of big group gatherings but it was surprisingly pleasant to see them, see us in one dining table once again. As with big groups, it was difficult to talk to everyone at once but just being with them was a day well spent.

We tried to recall a memory with the person we’re exchanging gifts with but a lot of us couldn’t pin a specific event or moment. I guess, that’s how it is when you meet over ten years later. Or maybe, we felt we’re kinda old to get into details. Like, why be cheesy now? Here’s your gift, Merry Christmas, my good ‘ol friend! Haha.

As for me, while looking at every one of us in a circle, I tried to recall specific moments but everything’s a blur. It’s as if I can see our old days fading into pale colors. Should that make me sad? I think not. My memories of how we spent our younger days together may not be as vibrant anymore but how I feel at home with these people is still as bright and warm as our summer camps back then.

This year, I grew to realize that relationships don’t flourish if we don’t put in the work. For the longest time, I was on the extreme end of the low maintenance friendship spectrum but I’m glad some of these people kept on putting in the work of meeting up, catching up, being part of our lives. I’m thankful that some ten years later, despite our individual struggles, we have arrived at a season that agrees to catch up and find time for people we care about.

In this Internet age of articles talking about low maintenance friendships and hugot quotes about letting go of people in our lives, I consider myself blessed to have this ‘village’ I can always come back to and call home.

Photos from Mhe, Myk and Willa