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I blog as a personal hobby but I welcome writing collaboration on topics I have knowledge about, or will have time to learn. My professional experience includes writing feature and business reports.

Virtual Careers

As a multi-potentialite, I love integrating everything I’ve learned and experienced in life. I have experience in talent recruitment, managing people, and being a virtual consultant myself. With these, I have helped a few people discover and explore their interests and skills which are starting points in determining career paths. If you’ve read some of my posts and you want my help in knowing whether you can pursue a side hustle or get on board the online jobs wagon, feel free to message me.

Concepts, events, travel

Consult with me and I’ll connect you to talented people who can help you plan your next travel, that birthday surprise, or that golden anniversary. Unlike most coordinators, we do not have templates that will fit you. Rather, we make sure to get know you and from there create a plan fit for only you and your loved ones.

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