About Me

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Welcome to Pages from the Inside Out, a blog site where I share tips, tricks, reviews, and some personal stories.

My name is Joan Narciso and I’m a Christian, Filipino, a daughter, sister, friend. With those foremost of my identities, I get inspiration to do the many things my heart wants to do.

I am deeply fascinated by and with books, travel, good food, good coffee, relationships among people, history, governments, digital advancements, skin care, poetry, dogs, great storytelling in movies and kdrama, and so much more.

Depending on the day’s hour, I’m a virtual assistant, a quality analyst, a blogger, a cook, an event’s planner, or just your average girl with her books and movies and snuggles.

Below is my attempt to organize the topics I share in this blog. I hope you find something worth your while.

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