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Friday Finds #1: face masks, snacks, and home office needs

Finding blog inspo from one of my few friends who get what blogging means to us, I’m joining Ate Gil in her Friday Finds series.

I’m not gonna promise that this is going to be every Friday as I would only be able to do this once a month *cross-fingers*.

For the not so millennial-ish, finds are things, places, sites, or just about anything online and offline that interests me so much I feel the need to spread word about it.

To begin, I’m listing down some of my tita finds. 

LULULUN Face Masks

Lululun Face Masks, Japanese face masks, skin care

As a kdrama fangirl, it’s pretty automatic I’m into Korean skin care. Some people think this is about trying to be a bit as pretty as those doll-like Korean celebrities but believe me – it’s just about giving my skin some love. You’d never understand until you get a feel of your face after a relaxing face mask sesh. More so, if you follow the Korean double cleanse + toner + moisturizer, etc.

That said, some face masks are so good for your face but not for your wallet. A good sheet costs about P75 to P200, and that’s for one use only. And so here comes Lululun to rescue not only our wallets, but our environment as well.

Hope this doesn’t haunt you in your sleep. HAHA. Just had to show how one sheet fits the not-so small faces out there 🙂

Lululun, according to its official US website, was “founded on the idea that
face masks can be used daily.” Operative word: daily. It’s made affordable but with highly effective ingredients. In fact, most days, I replace my skin care routine with just a basic cleanser followed by a 15-minute Lululun love.

Not only that, you get 32 sheets in one pack so there’s no need to throw too much plastic waste. Plus, it’s so easy to take one sheet a day without trying to get all the essence from individual packs.

You can order online from BeautyMNL at P1,095 per 32-sheet pack, or P390 per 7-sheet pack. BeautyMNL offers free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines. Catch is, it’s always out of stock.

I got mine from Beauty Bar which offers it at a lower price, only P995 per 32-sheet pack and P325 per 7-sheet pack. That’s just about P31 per sheet and given it can do the same work as essences + moisturizers and more, it’s a good skin care investment. I’ve been using this daily for two weeks now and I can see my dark spots brightening already. I even *bravely* went out with friends these past few days without makeup (well, I put on some kilay shade.. hehe, but that’s it).

Beauty Bar has a shipping fee of P250 for orders below P1,500. Alternatively, you may drop by its stores in Ayala malls and just buy from there.

Laptop Desk

I’ve always wanted a portable desk. I just wasn’t taking time to look for one until I had a flu around November. I was mostly plastered to my bed and couldn’t work much which led me to browsing Lazada for the right desk. It’s less than P700 and proven to be sturdy, has no sharp edges and from a legit seller. Here’s a direct link to this product on Lazada.

Even if you’re not working and only want to Netflix and chill in your bed without hurting your neck, this desk would adjust your laptop for you.


Take Root PH - Kale Chips - Vegan Cheeze, Sour Kream & Chive

I found these while looking for holiday goodies my mama can give to her friends. Take Root PH offers a variety of healthy snacks – granola, fruit chewies, trail mixes but their kale chips are the best! I especially love the Vegan Cheeze flavor and it’s no wonder it’s always sold out on BeautyMNL. Good thing, Take Root has its own website and they have an IG story feature for local stores that sell their products.

It’s a bit pricey at P220/bag compared to other chips but it’s not a bag of air and it’s beyond snacking. It’s healthy… but who am I kidding? It was a love at first taste for me, healthy or whatever. Crushed, the chips go well with salad and pasta, giving better texture and more flavor. On the Take Root website, you can order boxes of 3, 6, 12 which allows you to save a few pesos for more.

Canvas bags by my friend, Airah (psmadeinlove)

My friend recently launched her site. It’s still a work in progress but will soon have more to showcase her art. If you like handmade stuff – bags, home accessories, wedding/birthday invites/cards, and more, I’m sure you’d find a thing or two to love from Airah’s products.

I especially like her canvas bags because they’re durable and can fit my laptop plus a few more I can’t leave the house without – alcohol, wet wipes, power bank, and more.

Christmas is over but maybe you can keep her in mind next time you’re looking for a unique birthday gift for your family, friends and special someone.


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