Review and tips on getting more than what you paid for Scribd + Audible + Kindle | by Joan Narciso

Scribd is definitely BETTER than Audible & Kindle combined!

Attention my reader friends! And my not-so reader friends (yes! you might find this worth trying by the end of this post).

I just discovered Scribd’s bigger, better and hotter version of itself. See, Scribd used to be just that one better than Wikipedia Google page result for presentations, transcripts and research papers that can add substance to my college papers. Not anymore. Scribd now offers a monthly membership plan that includes unlimited access to audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, documents (yes, the kinds I looked for in college and more), and even music sheets!

I may have been quite late into the news but I’m happy to have discovered this now. But first, a little backstory, if you may indulge me.

About two months ago, I discovered Trevor Noah‘s Netflix comedy special.  I was an instant fangirl of his wit & humor. And true to my fangirl instincts, I looked him up online and watched all his other comedy specials, binged-watched The Daily Show, and found out he wrote a book about his life growing up in South Africa. The book isn’t available in local bookstores at that time so I signed up for Audible’s free trial which gives new members 1 free book + 2 Audible originals. Using my free credit, I got Trevor’s Born a Crime and I FELL IN LOVE. Not only was his story amazing and worth-sharing, his narration was ever engaging too.

And that’s how I started thinking of continuing my Audible membership. It was a pleasant surprise that I liked audiobooks. I found it to be a more valuable use of my time rather than just listening to my Spotify playlists while on the road or when I’ve finished my to-do lists at work, just waiting for emails.

Still, Audible’s $14.95 per month was too pricey for my budget. But before I cancelled, I took advantage of Audible’s refund policy where they allow members to return a book in exchange of another using the monthly credit they give. So, for the free trial (not spending anything yet), I got to listen to 2 books using 1 credit. Yay! Plus, there were a few free Freakonomics and other interesting podcasts I downloaded, too. Only then did I cancel. I got to keep the free podcasts and the 2nd audiobook I exchanged for Born a Crime which was Andy Stanley’s Irresistible.

I can still purchase audiobooks from Audible but the 30% discount exclusive to members won’t be available to me anymore.

Audible Membership Exclusives

Audible membership packages |
If $14.95/month or approximately P800 isn’t too much for you,  you’ll get the following:

  • 1 credit/month which can be used to avail any book from Audible’s 2,000,000-strong catalog;
  • 2 Audible originals (which I wasn’t personally crazy about);
  • 30% discount on all other audiobooks (which was kind of pointless for me because I already paid a membership fee and I still have to pay extra if I want more books in a month? No, thanks.
  • Access to daily book sales (Again, I still have to pay extra??);
  • Some free podcasts that you have to really look for and decide which ones match your interests; and
  • Keep the offline versions of your previously downloaded books even after you cancel.
  • If you have an Amazon Kindle account, you get extra discounts when you purchase both the audiobook and ebook.

I admit that I have been consuming less books than I used to since the age of Netflix and Viu but those two audiobooks got me on a high thirst for more. So I started looking for alternatives.

I was even ready to risk my not-so bothering astigmatism and asked if Kindle Unlimited is available in the Philippines. It’s not.

Fortunately, Scribd stepped up their game. For just $8.99/month or about P470, members get unlimited access to audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, documents, and music sheets! That’s a lot of resources you can consume in a month! I can finish a really good book in a day or a week so I’m happy dancing at this discovery.

Scribd Membership Exclusives: Worth every penny!

Scribd Membership Package

Scribd Member Exclusives

I’m on the free trial and have already downloaded and saved/bookmarked about 30 audiobooks and ebooks from my favorite authors. They also have Time Magazine, Foreign Policy, and a whole lot more in their library. Sure, Trevor’s memoir isn’t on Scribd but the rest of what was in my Audible wishlist is there. Best part, I don’t have to wait another month to get 1 free book. Nor do I have to pay extra for more books if I want them now.

Also, see those member exclusives? Scribd says you don’t have to pay extra–as in, those partner sites won’t ask for your billing information–to avail of their free services. It’s so unlike Amazon which makes you pay separately for Kindle, Audible, Amazon Prime Video, Whispersync (although this one’s not available locally, I think). Sribd just keeps outdoing its competitor.

Scribd vs Audible | A review by Joan Narciso published on
I don’t know about you, but I’d say Scribd could soon overtake Audible membership count if the latter doesn’t keep up with the direction of subscription services.

If I still haven’t enticed you enough so you’d try Scribd yourself, here’s my referral link for you. Sign up and you’ll get two months free instead of just one.

If you’re a daily commuter beating the congested roads of the Philippines, or you have a car you drive to and from the house, or you run on the treadmill, I highly suggest you give audiobooks a try. Who knows, it could be a welcome break from streaming too much Netflix, eh?

Not sure which audiobook to try first? Sound in on the comments or message me and I’ll give you some recommendations based on your interests. ♥


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